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Shamanism, Ancestors and Transgenerational Integration
Traditionnal Wisdom and Contemporary Practices

Translated from the French edition :
"Chamanisme, rapport aux ancêtres et intégration transgénérationnelle"

The Ancients already knew the therapeutic potential of the family links between generations that we rediscover in modern transgenerational analysis. Far from being a new fashion, the recognition of transgenerational processes dates back to the first shamanic type of communities. Their methods to cure "The Ancestor Syndrome" offer to contemporary therapies essential historical references and valuable teachings.
Transgenerational integration brings a welcome middle ground for exchanges between traditional, shamanic and actual therapeutic approaches. This new field nourishes the rooting of contemporary practices as well as the renewal of ancestral wisdom. With the contribution of specialists from different backgrounds, this collective book presents a wide spectrum of perspectives to bridge traditional and modern knowledges.
Olivier Douville is a psychoanalyst and anthropologist, international speaker and lecturer at University Paris 10 Nanterre and Paris 7 Denis-Diderot.
C. Michael Smith Ph.D., is a Jungian psychologist and medical anthropologist, Cherokee-metis healer and teacher, director of Crows Nest International.
Élisabeth Horowitz is a psychogenealogist therapist, international speaker and the author of numerous books.
Iona Miller is a therapist, artist and consultant.
Myron Eshowsky is an international mediator, author and shaman.
Pierre Ramaut is a transgenerational psychoanalyst.
Thierry Gaillard is a depth psychologist, the author of a new thesis on the Œdipus myth.

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